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1*NOM -1*BIV -1*CACS (15 certificates)
Isabelle de Villia SK
RAG n 03- Seal bicolour (HM)
Born: 2012-04-11
Dam: RU*Eria Pro Glitter Girl RAG n 04
Sire: CH Bonitas Ragdolls, PL RAG n 03 (HM)
Nickname: Bella

is a wonderful cat with a big heart :) She purrs as soon as you take in her and is happy in your lap! Isabelle has a wonderful expression, nice ear placement, strong cheeks and good height on her forehead. Her coat is super fine and she is absolutely correct in her pattern. Her temperament is super :) Many thanks to Jana for this beautiful cat and confidence to buy her! Isabelle has had five litters with many beautiful kittens and is now neutered. She will live like a happy pensioner here with me!


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1*NOM -3*CAC 1*CACIB -1*Ex 1
S*Chorotegas Frozen Margarita
RAG n 04- Seal mitted
Born: 2016-10-30
Dam: GIC Isabelle de Villia. SK Rag n 03
Sire: SC Wanderduene Chello. DE Rag n 04
Nickname: Maggie

is a wonderful little girl with a beautiful expression, stunning ear setting, very fine chin, nice profile and a lovely coat quality. It will be very exciting to follow her development. I finally got a nice female for breeding / show after Chello & Isabelle :) She has developed incredibly well during her first 2½ years! Margarita is living in a host family!


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1*BIS -9*NOM -9*BIV -2*CACS

3rd BEST JUNIOR in SRC 2017
S*Chorotegas Princess Sofia
RAG n - Seal colourpoint
Born: 2017-02-13
Dam: DK Vandoll Invincible India Rag n 04
Sire: SC Wanderduene Chello. DE Rag n 04
Nickname: Sofia

Sofia is a lovely little princess :) She has a wonderful temperament, a wonderful ragdoll look, lovely blue eye color, very fine chin and profile as well as a fine coat quality! Sofia has an exciting pedigree where several of my old lines are expanded with some new ones :) She has developed incredibly well during her first two years! She loves cat shows and is so cool when traveling with her!


S*Chorotegas Ulrika Eleonora
RAG n 03- Seal bicolour (HM)
Born: 2018-03-18
Dam: CH S*Chorotegas Frozen Margarita Rag n 04
Sire: S*Jörgårdens MX Alfa Xbox Rag n 04
Nickname: Nora

Ulrika Eleonora
is a real little treasure. A seal bicolor with perfect pattern a wide head, amazing ear setting, very nice rounded nose, very nice blue eye color and a beautiful coat quality. In addition, she is a BIG female with nice body length. I wish her chin a bit stronger, but hope it will come over time. Very exciting to follow this young lady's development!