S*Chorotegas Ulrika Eleonora
RAG n 03- Seal bicolour (HM)  
Born: 2018-03-18
Dam: CH S*Chorotegas Frozen Margarita
Sire: S*Jörgårdens MX Alfa Xbox

Ulrika Eleonora is a real little treasure. A seal bicolor with perfect pattern a wide head, amazing ear setting, very nice rounded nose, very nice blue eye color and a beautiful coat quality. In addition, she is a BIG female with nice body length. I am very satisfied with her develpment! Ulrika Eleonora has had 2 litters.


S*Chorotegas Felicia
RAG a 04 - Blue mitted  
Born: 2021-01-01
Dam: S*Chorotegas Ulrika Eleonora
Sire: GB*CoolBrittannia Super Trooper

Felicia is a lovely blue mitted female that I have been waiting for a long time. She has a wonderful ragdoll look, very nice blue eye colour and very silky fur quality. It will be extremely exciting to follow her development in the future.